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Brian Feroldi
Brian Feroldi
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One Piece Of Timeless Content:
Setbacks happen fast. Progress happens slowly. Yet, progress happens all the time – you just rarely hear about it. Here’s a great list of 192 ways that the world improved in 2021.
One Twitter Thread:
Learning how to have good conversations is a critical life skill. This wonderful thread by Ceci breaks down 8 principles that Joe Rogan uses to have better conversations.
Ceci | Convo Emcee
Joe Rogan can talk to guests for 3 hours without running out of things to say. He’s had huge names like Elon Musk, Miley Cyrus, and Kanye West on his podcast.

I analyzed 8 things that make him so good at conversation. Here they are for you to steal:
One Resource:
I hate overpaying for cable, phone, and internet, but it’s a hassle to negotiate discounts every year. I’ve been using a service called for a few years with good results. They do the negotiating for you and charge 50% of the savings. You only pay them if you save money.
One Quote:
“Stocks won’t make you wealthy. Your behavior around stocks makes you wealthy.”
– Nick Murray
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Brian Feroldi
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